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Now you must have lots of questions, here are some of the most common👉🏻

My place?

I am based in the Baker Street/Marylebone part of London. Surrounded by Regents Park in the heart of London. My luxury apartment is clean and very discreet in a very quiet location. I do not share this apartment with anyone else.  I have a beautiful well equipped Specialist Fantasy Rooms. It has 2 spanking benches with restraints. Original school desk and is fully equipped for 1-2-1 role-plays.  

As well as lots of canes, straps, riding crops, birches and many more punishment implements. As well as lots of uniforms, lingerie, stockings, suspenders, tights and many shoes and boots to pick from! There are shower/bath facilities. I am totally Independent and do not share my apartment with anyone else.

What are my rates?

My rates are very reasonable and based on an All Inclusive basis. 

I only do hourly or longer sessions. I do not like to rush the specialist services I provide. You will have to contact me by telephone to request fees and appointments, if you have never visited me before. This is due to my own personal safety, which I am sure you understand, if you are genuine. For clients that have seen me before. Please either phone me  07931719840 👉🏻 or email me on my Contact form 


Rest assured you are with someone who respects your privacy. I will never telephone you or contact you unless previously agreed. I respect your privacy and expect the same from you!  

What kind of People visit me?

I have a diverse range of people that visit me. Mostly from the UK but I have a lot of regular clients who visit me from around the world. I do not discriminate and welcome any race, nationality or age. I welcome you if you have any health conditions or disabilities. In these cases I will plan our session accordingly to any health concerns you may have. I am a caring person and love to put a smile on your face. 


Please read my Reviews 

How much Notice to I need?

All appointments must be booked in advance. So that I can prepare for the specialist services that you require. I am extremely busy. I have a lot of regulars that book me every week or every month. I also limit the amount of clients I see in a day.

I work every week day except Wednesdays.

I can see you on Saturday if you cannot see me during a week day.

My hours are 9am to 4pm. No same day appointments. Contact me as soon as you know you are coming to London.

Now make that call today, I answer all calls personally. Please phone me weekdays before 9am and after 5pm as other times I am busy with clients. Thank you. 


Or go to my Contact Form

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