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Before you get in touch, please familiarise yourself with all the information on my site, including the FAQs. If for some reason you can’t use this form please email me direct at [email protected]. Alternatively you can phone me for all enquiries. I prefer this method if you are new. This is for my own safety. I never make appointments with newbies until I have spoken to you about the specialist services that I provide. 07931719840

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I correspond with clients on a secure (encrypted) server. I will not share information about you with anyone unless you give me specific permission to do so (e.g. you ask me to provide a reference to another provider). You can request to see all the correspondence I have from you at any time, or request that I delete all of it. I may send you emails occasionally, regarding news etc. If privacy & discretion are your concerns (as they should be) I recommend you email me from an encrypted ProtonMail email address. It should take under 2 minutes to sign up, and this ensures end to end encryption.

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